Family Social Security Benefits

If you or a spouse is nearing retirement age, it is natural to wonder about the availability of social security benefits. While being available to individuals, the Social Security Administration (SSA) does not prohibit multiple members in a household from collecting benefits. But, each person needs to ensure that he or she is able to qualify for Social Security benefits prior to applying.

Depending on how much you or your partner worked in the past and the age of your children, you may qualify for family support. Your Social Security office can tell you definitively if you qualify for these benefits. However, you can also gain a good sense of whether you can enroll by learning about Social Security benefits qualifications online.

Who can receive Social Security family benefits?

In some cases, it may be your spouse or children who are eligible to receive Social Security family benefits. Typically, they can take participate in your benefits package if you meet the federal Social Security eligibility requirements related to age, work history, citizenship, etc. You must be at least 62 years of age if you plan on collecting early retirement. However, if you want to collect full retirement benefits, you must wait until you are 66 or 67 years of age, depending on when you were born. Additionally, you may get additional benefits by waiting until you are 70 to retire.

Also, it is possible that applicants may be able to collect family benefits if one of their family members is deceased. These are referred to as Social Security survivor benefits, available to children, parents and other relatives who meet certain criteria.

Is there a maximum for Social Security retirement benefits?

Yes there is and it is derived from a complex calculation. It depends on your circumstance, who is or has earned what, whether there are survivor benefits and how many people are receiving funds through different benefits accounts. It is most helpful to consult with a rep at your local Social Security office for details. You can find a list of offices on our site including addresses, phone numbers, driving directions and office hours.