Common Social Security Forms

As with most government programs, the Social Security Administration has a number of forms. There are several that you may need to use to participate in the the most common benefits programs. Of course, each form is specific to your needs and the types of services you are requesting.

Whether you are applying for Social Security or changing the name on your account and card, there are particular forms to use.
In order to reduce delays in processing your requests, it is important to know which Social Security forms to submit. If you are applying for or receiving Social Security retirement benefits, the following types of documents will be useful to you. However, keep in mind that you may need to use additional forms, which depends on your unique situation. If you have specific questions about the documents you should use, contact your closest Social Security office. You can find a directory of them on our site.

The Social Security Application Form for Retirement Benefits

The Social Security application form you need to use to apply for retirement benefits is SSA-1-BK. This document is also called the Application for Retirement Insurance Benefits. You can get a hard copy of this application at your Social Security office. You can also download a copy of this application on the SSA’s website and print it, if a paper version is what you are interested in.

Social Security Change of Address Form

Most Social Security forms are available online, including the Social Security change of address form which can be used to update your information. However, if you are unable to complete this task online, you can call the SSA or contact your local Social Security office. Local reps can help you change your address within the system.

Social Security Direct Deposit Form

The Social Security form you need to use to sign up for or change your direct deposit information is available online. To file this request, you need to have your banking information ready to enter. You will need a mySocialSecurity account to complete this request.

Social Security Tax Form

You can go online to request your Social Security tax form. Once you submit your petition to receive this document, you can then receive your SSA-1099 or SSA-1042. You can also go to an office and request your Social Security withholding form as you can with any information form you are entitled to. You will need this information to file your taxes for the year.

Social Security Appeal Form

The appeal document is one of the Social Security administration forms you will hopefully never need to use. However, if you are required to file a Social Security appeal because your benefits were denied and you disagree with the determination, this is the form you need. You can either submit your appeal online or at your local Social Security office.