Lexington Social Security Offices

This page provides a list of Social Security office locations in Lexington, Kentucky. Select one of the office locations below to get the Social Security office hours, phone number and driving directions. They can help you with questions or issues regarding your retirement benefits and you can schedule an appointment, if necessary.

Depending on the reason for your Lexington Social Security Office visit, you may need to bring documentation such as:

Your birth certificate
Your passport or other proof of United States citizenship or legal US residency
Your Social Security Card
Proof of address such as a utility bill and perhaps,
A bank statement and/or proof of income

Be Prepared!   You don’t want to go stand in line at the SSA office only to have to reschedule.   If you’re unsure as to what you’ll need to bring to your appointment, then just call your Social Security Office in Lexington to be sure.

Even in large cities, there are only a few Social Security Offices.   Choose the one nearest you from the list below.

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Lexington Alabama Social Security Office 35648
Lexington, Alabama 35648, United States
Lexington Georgia Social Security Office 30648
Lexington, Georgia 30648, United States
Lexington Illinois Social Security Office 61753
Lexington, Illinois 61753, United States
Lexington Indiana Social Security Office 47138
Lexington, Indiana 47138, United States
Lexington Kentucky Social Security Office 40505
Lexington, Kentucky 40505, United States
Lexington Massachusetts Social Security Office 02420
Lexington, Massachusetts 02420, United States
Lexington Michigan Social Security Office 48450
Lexington, Michigan 48450, United States
Lexington Mississippi Social Security Office 39095
Lexington, Mississippi 39095, United States
Lexington Missouri Social Security Office 64067
Lexington, Missouri 64067, United States
Lexington Nebraska Social Security Office 68850
Lexington, Nebraska 68850, United States
Lexington New York Social Security Office 12452
Lexington, New York 12452, United States
Lexington North Carolina Social Security Office 27293
Lexington, North Carolina 27293, United States
Lexington Oklahoma Social Security Office 73051
Lexington, Oklahoma 73051, United States
Lexington Oregon Social Security Office 97839
Lexington, Oregon 97839, United States
Lexington South Carolina Social Security Office 29071
Lexington, South Carolina 29071, United States
Lexington Tennessee Social Security Office 38351
Lexington, Tennessee 38351, United States
Lexington Texas Social Security Office 78947
Lexington, Texas 78947, United States
Lexington Virginia Social Security Office 24450
Lexington, Virginia 24450, United States